My Personal Effectiveness Online Portfolio through Literature

My Personal Effectiveness Online Portfolio through Literature

By Justin David Pineda

I decided to make my entries for PERSEF2 as literary pieces such as essay, poems, haiku, limerick etc. Each entry is dedicated for each week that has an assignment or something to do. These literary pieces are meant for PERSEF2. Just read them and enjoy reading!! These are all original compositions.


This is a poem about the feeling of the author about PERSEF2 and his expectations about the subject. (Week 1)

When I entered the class of PERSEF2,

I really don’t know what to do

I don’t have any block mates in the class

That’s why I thought I will get harassed

But when the teacher came in the room

My nervousness was vanished by a broom

I became comfortable because the teacher is friendly

I think I will not be a student who is lazy

It’s a good thing that the students are okay

I think I like to swim in the Manila Bay

I hope that the class will not be boring

I wish we can be flying and soaring

PERSEF2 is like homeroom class

Which I think is an important blast

I believe we will a learn a lot from the subject

I sure hope nobody will object


This haiku entry is about the author’s goal in life. (Week 2)

Finishing college

Is a big step to succeed

Remember always

Ethical = know etiquette

This short essay tells about the importance of etiquette and its justification. (Week 3)

I really don’t know the reason why we have so many rules to follow and just break it. Just joking. Hehe Sometimes, we tend to think of imposing rules like do this and do that. But there will come a time when you will say, “Time to break these rules I made”. There are exceptions that we cannot avoid. Whatever this may appear to be, rules will still remain rules. Rules are important even if sometimes, we don’t follow. It’s like a pattern or a guide for us to be well.

Now, why in the world will I talk about rules? I don’t know!!! Just joking again. Hehe Well in my humble opinion, etiquette means rules. It is something that if you don’t follow, you will look stupid or “a textbook example of not to do”. That’s right. I do follow “etiquettes” even if sometimes these are impractical or boring they may seem to be. But these “etiquettes” that are supposed to be followed are things that I think make us “civilized”. Do you think so? I do.

Again, I have to say that there are rules. Rules are made for a reason or another. But etiquettes? Sure I think they are made for humans.


This is a limerick about the author’s most critical decision in life. (Week 4)

When he was going to graduate in high school

He doesn’t know the course that will make him cool

Advices from parents

Made him paid his rent

Now he is happy in La Salle as his school


This acronym is about the author’s significant person aside from his family. (Week 5)

I –n










  • For my best friend Casper who has always been there for me even when I was chased by so many dogs. He’s also with me in our adventure during high school.

ABC’s of friendship

A is for Alternative, B is for Belongingness, C is for Comfort, D is for Dedication, E is for Education, F is for Fidelity, G is for Grace, H is for Health, I is for Insulin, J is for Jesuit, K is for Kindness, L is for Losers, M is for Mildness, N is for Notorious, O is for Obese, P is for Philanthropy, Q is for Quitters, R is for Rattaouile, S is for Sects, T is for Tambays, U is for Universal, V is for Vendetta, W is for Way, X is for Xenical, Y is for You, Z is for Zeal.


This essay is about what I want when I get married.

Do you watch UAAP games? If not, then you have to watch one. You know why? I like the courtside reporter of DLSU very much. I know her by her face and by her name. Her name is Sharon Yu. She’s Chinese and she’s hot. She doesn’t know me at all. But who cares?hehehe

I am a campus journalist here in DLSU (Ang Pahayagang Plaridel). The Plaridel office and the The LaSallian (another school publication) share one room. The room is divided into two. Whenever I get in the office, I always get curious why the hot, sexy and gorgeous girls are all in the The LaSallian. Why the heck is that?

Before Sharon Yu went into TV and became “crush” of many people from DLSU and other schools, I frequently see her in the office. She is a writer in The LaSallian (Menagerie section). Although I am very passionate about writing news and investigating issues, I wonder how I will be doing if I am in The LaSallian.hehe I don’t know what will happen anyway. I couldn’t imagine myself there.

If God will let me choose the person I will marry, I will choose Sharon Yu. Why? Because she’s beautiful and hot. Yes! That’s all then.

For the ending of this not so sensible entry, I just would like to say that my perspective of marriage is so shallow. I admit it. It’s still not in my priority to think about marriage. That’s why I look at people I like “to be with” in their physical appearance and not objectively. Right now, I’m still enjoying my life in college.hehe

But if God grants that I will be marrying Sharon Yu, why not?hahahahahaha Well of course, this is just a joke. I mean, people will say that it’s not the appearance but what’s inside. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But practically, you would also choose somebody who has a good appearance, right? Do you dream to have a partner who looks like a car wheel? Hahaha I don’t know about that.

Again, I don’t have clear thoughts of marriage and family yet. Maybe time will dictate which is which. But whatever happens, Sharon’s hot.hahaha

Lesson: If you want to be happy, be Chinese, be rich and get a CLA course. If you want to have an early vacation, study at UST. If you are rich, study at CSB.

Sharon is starting to become “known”. She is a 3rd year advertising student, a writer for TLS and a courtside reporter. She is also a model… good for her.hehe

The Notebook, Movie Reaction

The author’s reaction about the movie, the notebook.

Well, my reaction about the movie is boring. I don’t really like watching drama/love story movies. I like watching comedy and action-packed movies like Rush Hour, Rat Race etc… Anyway, I have watched it so I can’t put it back.

Even though I was bored because of the so many talking of the characters there, I was touched by the story in the end. They’re both dead.hehehe Just joking. As what I’ve been telling you, I am very shallow when it comes to love and other topics related to it. But I know what love is. That is why in the end of the “The Notebook”, I understood what the message of the movie is- Love moves in mysterious ways.

Career Exploration Worksheet

What the author wants in order to be successful.

NAME: Pineda, Justin David Gisala


  1. Be a successful computer scientist/ network engineer
  2. Be a successful lawyer


  1. I want to become a computer scientist because I want to learn new and different things.
  2. I want to become a lawyer because I want to know how the rules work and how these rules will help people who are in need.


  1. Schema
  2. Knowledge
  3. Money
  4. Patience
  5. Dedication
  6. Determination
  7. Confidence
  8. Hard work
  9. Discipline


  1. Study hard.
  2. Do good things to other people.
  3. Be a good son and brother.
  4. Be God-fearing
  5. Be lucky.



2401 Taft Avenue, De La Salle University, Manila 1004

(02) 5424611 loc 701,



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Network Engineering, 2006- Present, De La Salle University-Manila, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila 1004


2002-2006, Elizabeth Seton School-South, Anabu II-D Imus, Cavite 4103



2006-Present, News writer, Ang Pahayagang Plaridel

2006- Present, Formation and Development (FORMDEV) Facilitator

2006-Present, Volunteer, La Sallian Pastoral Office

2007-Present, Assistant Vice President for Documentations, Moomedia

2006-2007, Member, La Salle Computer Society (LSCS)

2006-2007, Member, Moomedia


2005-2006, Member, Sports Club

2004-2005, Member, Computer Club

2004-2005, Member, Journalism Club

2003-2004, Member, Script writing Club

2002-2003, Member, Sports Club



2007, Pinakamahusay ng Artikulo, Ang Pahayagang Plaridel

2007, Pinakamahusay na Kasapi, Ang Pahayagang Plaridel

2007, Pinakamahusay na Kasapi, Ika-14 na Gawad Efren Abueg

2007, Second Place News Writing Filipino Division, 18th Campus Journalism Awards

2006, Pinakamahusay na Kasapi, Ang Pahayagang Plaridel


Class President (2003 & 2005), Best Director (2004), Mythical Six Volleyball (2004), Second Place Math Quiz Bee (2006), 2nd Place Badminton (2003 & 2006)