One Step to Faultlessness

One Step to Faultlessness
By Justin David G. Pineda

In the midst of the clouds, she reigns
Rays of light hit as she stands
The shape of the creation I’ve always wanted
The scent of a woman, everybody's swooning for

Just a snap, my body gets ready
The flight of the falcon gets higher and higher
It’s her, a perfection but juvenile
Obedient in action and misery out of context

Smooth when she moves like Zephyrus
Friendship is the golden rule of her bible
Romantic and contemporary are her traits
She’s magical as Villa's sonnets

Resembling to Juliet and Constance but not Delilah
The power of optimism and determination has she
Untouched all over and simply pure since then
Cunning like Odysseus but mild and meek like a sheep

Imagination has brought me to her world
But I know it's real...even if it's incredible
Her world in a rendezvous of her own jargon
My cross has disappeared and the reason is she.

For Via who’ve passionately and humbly electrified my will to be inspired -2/22/06