Love day…

Love day…
- Justin David Pineda

You know, I’m proud to say that since birth until now, I am single-blessed. Yeah that’s right. I haven’t been in any relationships but I was able to ask somebody if I could court her. I’m also proud to say that I never got busted in my whole life. Well, I’m happy with my friends but I’m also looking forward to have relationships. I guess there’s nothing wrong with it as long as what you are doing is right. Like normal people have, I am carried over with my crushes. To tell you honestly, my crushes became my definition of the word “inspiration”.

For me loving somebody doesn’t necessarily mean hugging, French-kissing, and the like. * I think that relationships nowadays are the same. The guy will court a girl and after a week or so, they will be (what we call) “them”. Then let’s say when their every-month-celebration-of-the-day-they-became-“them” or a.k.a. monthsary (in MS Word spelling checker, there’s no such word as monthsary), both of them shall buy expensive gifts (more expensive that their friends give also to their “GF’s” or “BF’s”… COMPETITION!), like for example, necklace from Filigrenasia, Teddy bears from Bear Cuddlers, CD (original of course) from Odyssey and more. That’s why I’m planning when I’m old enough, I’ll erect also a silver shop and Bear shops…So that I’ll get rich easily! Afterwards, they’ll break up. Why? It’s either the boy/girl has found other person to be “loved” (or should I say to waste money with) or the boy has no money left to buy gifts for the girl. How about studying? Of course not. It’s not included in the list of reasons why you need to break. Or maybe to look for another person whom you will have relationship with, to make your ex(former), envy of him or her. How about that? This is reality. This is the new generation. So the bottom line is, you’ll waste your money in buying things that are not really necessary and after a short span of time, it will just go to air.

Let’s just take it in this kind of thinking: Let’s admit that sometimes when we’re in a relationship, even though we know that something terrible will happen (in decision making), we still push it through just for the satisfaction of the two of you. Sometimes our minds are blocked out to reality. Here’s a concrete example. You know that you need to eat lunch everyday, right? But it seems that your monthsary is getting near…That’s why you’ll starve yourself for 2 weeks for your “one and only”. What a dumb-ass thinking is that?! Sacrifices? If it’s for my benefit, I’d take it… But for that? Think about it. Use your head. I’m not making these people offended.

“First love never dies”, “Love is sweeter the second time around”. No matter who, what, how or even when your love comes to you, it doesn’t matter as long as he/she really loves you. Now as I could see, people become materialistic and not thinking the more important things to fulfill in this world.*

Basically, that’s just my opinion. I guess there’s nothing wrong to let you know of what my observations are. Actually, a lot of facts are given and I counsel people to think very wisely (if you need to be a keen observer, then go!) of what the real world is. Big things come from small things and if from small things, we choose erroneously, then we will end up stupid. We’ll end up like my friend who’s always mislead to a wrong path heading towards misery. She’ll ask for some advice but she won’t follow it. Even though it is already wrong in her part (and she knows it), she’ll still push through with it. She’ll please her partner and afterwards, she’ll cry, cry and cry. We must learn from our mistakes so that next time it comes, we’ll know what to do.

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