Lesbian Talk

Ang entry na ito ay nilikha noong ako ay nasa ikatlong taon ng hayskul.

Lesbian Talk

- Justin David G. Pineda

I don’t know what to write. I don’t know what to share about this piece of word (lesbian). I just want them to know that there’s freewill. That’s it.

I thought something interesting about lesbians. Suddenly, something got into my scary mind. Here’s a question: Why do lesbians could easily catch attention of a girl than men? Or should I say, why do lesbians can easily get the heart of the girls in courting than men? Well, lucky for them. They’re really lucky to get the sweet scents of the girl but it hurts them most in splits. For them, their dreams are destroyed and there’s no bright future ahead of them.

They say lesbians are good friends. Well, that’s for them. But some people get hurt whenever they see them together with their “loved one”. I observed that one kind of lesbian relationship is that the first one seems to give, give, give, give and give though she has nothing left for herself. While the second one just receives, receives and receives without showing her appreciation for it. Then when the other is fed up with the “caregiver”, she’ll just be leaving her behind. Now, who took advantage? Who is at lost? Love really hurts.

I thought of the reason why guys have harder guts to show affection than the girls. Why? It’s simply because they’re boys and they’re girls. Many boys think that girls are diamonds. They’re hard to get. It’s not just relationship that they want. He wants something to prove to her that he is worth-having. Unlike lesbians, boys have strict standards to implement in getting their GF’s and that’s more admiring to them. Because if you get what you want, you could handle it properly. It’s like you want a disc man and then somebody gives it to you, then you’ll using enjoy it. That’s what you want to happen therefore you have great plans for it. For lesbians (I think), they got limited choices. What comes to them is what they whole-heartedly pick. That’s why there’s no big question on why lesbian relationships don’t stand long. Also, girls know their insights themselves; what a girl needs and wants. Therefore it becomes easy for them to know what their partners want to be satisfied.

Here are the reasons why a girl becomes a lesbian. 1.) The surroundings or people who influence her. 2.) She is scared to interact with the opposite sex. 3.) She is afraid to get pregnant. 4.) She thinks that girls are more responsible partners than men. 5.) She is confuse.

For me, it’s a different time where different trends come. Third sex becomes known to everyone. God gave us freewill to choose what’s the best for us. Since we’re just human beings, we couldn’t help committing mistakes. But that doesn’t stop there. We must stand from our fall and reach the hands of heaven to rebuild our lost treasures, right? I hope that lesbians will realize that there’s no clear future of them. That’s all.

Lastly, as I agree (not giving favor but because of freewill) to the decisions of becoming a lesbian, I must tell that it’s okay. It’s not just that they shouldn’t bring it to marriage where God is infront and both of you will swear to Him. I think He’s not happy of that. Therefore, let’s just let it be and not let Him join with the wrong decision made.