An essential thing for a nation

An essential thing for a nation

By Justin David G. Pineda

Education is such an easy word to say yet a very broad to slice into pieces. Many parents say that what they can only give to their children that will be useful even when they grow old is education. It is education that will reflect big time on how your life will go in this world. Many believe that the first school is your home. But surely, one really needs to go to a real school where he can interact with other people and learn different disciplines that are not taught in home.

I strongly believe that intelligence does not reflect from high grades. There are a lot of instances where high grades disprove this type of thinking. Grades are just numbers that can be altered or cheated. Although I can say that the grades are factors of landing good future, still, I do not really get amazed with people who get high grades as they or others claim to be genius. There are instances that you just keep chatting to your classmate during class time and do not understand the lesson. You will just memorize your classmate’s notes later on for a quiz tomorrow. The next day, you take the quiz and become the highest but you have already forgotten what you have studied afterwards because you just memorized it.

Grades can also be made based from a subjective perspective. A clear example especially in Catholic schools is the tendency of teachers that if during your younger years in school you are naughty and lazy, when you change later, most teachers will not realize that. Instead, they will still think that you are still a naughty and lazy student. It seems you cannot change for the better anymore based from the perspective of the teacher. Hence, some teachers are more favorable to an intelligent student that is close with them even if that student’s performance is the same with another student who is very quiet. I am not generalizing, I am just telling instances.

Some students are very bright in class and they are given high grades but when they go outside, they cannot cross the street. A student may be so intelligent but his values are vices. Now, do you think these high grades are bases of saying that a person is really intelligent? I guess it is important that you know the lessons and applying it rather just having high grades but forgetting the lessons afterwards.

Certain standards of different learning institutions determine the kind of grade a student will have. Well, the bottom line of this essay is the kind of education the Philippines has, presently. How do they give grades based on their standards? What quality of education does the Philippines has for its students? Does the Philippines still know what quality education mean? It is so sad that our nation is left behind in the only thing that can be retained to its people.

I have read so many statistics already which I will not mention anymore, so many ratings and findings that show what kind of education the nation provides for its people. Education itself is logical in making a nation progress. It is a very good investment for our beloved, bad-mouthed country. Now, why do I keep mentioning education? It is alarming to know what has been happening to the stakeholders of education. What has happened to our students? What has happened to the hope of the Philippines? Is there still hope?

I blame the government for what has happened to the education of the Philippines. It is their responsibility to provide the best education they can give to the Filipino people. They should have allotted a good amount of budget for it. I mean, giving lots of money does not mean that you prioritize education. If they really prioritize education, they should have used the money wisely. Allotting budget is not just for the sake of saying that they have given something. They should have used it correctly.

Look what kind of graduates the Philippines produce. We will never excel in this kind of state. There are many schools in the Philippines but do they answer the needs of the Philippines? The problem with the quality education is the price. In order to have a quality education, you have to have money to pay for it. If you want to have a good school, you have to pay the prize of a teacher who has earned his degree in a good school too. If you want good facilities, you have to pay the prize for good facilities. If you want to land in a good job, you have to pay the prize of a reputable school that can lead you to a good job after college. This leads to limited opportunity to most people who want to learn. How can you learn if you have to pay a very heavy prize and you do not have the money to pay for it?

I am speaking in general. Every individual should have the right to have quality education. I believe that is there a big chance of becoming successful if quality education is provided to the Filipinos. There is also a big chance for the nation to rise if government will invest on education. Government should be serious in providing justice to quality education of the Filipino people. That should be their priority. Graduates here want to go abroad because there is no opportunity and do odd jobs there. Supposed to be, our nation could have so many engineers, doctors, scientists but because of lack of opportunities, these people go elsewhere where there is greener pasture. Those who are engineers here surrender as waiters there. Scientists who want to make research are not given attention by the government that is why they run to other foreign land to ask for support. Now, the foreign land gets the credit. How about us?

The children who dream to become professionals in different fields withdraw it and pursue nursing instead even though they do not like it because there is opportunity there. I guess no kid has ever dreamt to become a call center agent. What kind of people will be left in the country if this kind of trend continues?

Think about it. Government is taking serious actions for education. They have managed to make correct and useful textbooks for public schools. All students go to school with a good curriculum and taught by qualified and specialized teachers who are paid with just compensation. Students are taught with math, science, languages, social studies and most importantly, values. They go to college with a course they really want to pursue and ending up a good job. This will start a big difference. There will be lots of jobs, less poverty, less crime and more positive effects. The bottom line is the country will progress.

Maybe this essay is pure words and hard to put in actions. I admit it is true. But then, why do not we give a shot and start doing some initiative to it. People take this education issue an ordinary part of their system that they are used to. This is a challenge to us. I learned that the view of work of the western people is a means for self-development while the eastern people’s view of work is a means of survival. I hope this view will change because I believe that there is still hope in rising.