The Essence of Friendship

The Essence of Friendship

- Justin David G. Pineda


I must tell you that friendship is an essential ingredient to a wonderful life. True friends will always be there to love, support, trust and respect you. Sometimes they will also sympathize, apologize or give advice. They will accept you for who you are. You will consider them worth keeping. For those people who don’t value their friends, maybe you should think about it... Think about it.

Sometimes, it’s very hard to think that your friends leave you behind. They suddenly disappear in a snap and put you all alone in the big blue sky. And you know what will happen? You will be pulled by gravity from that far, wide and empty sky to the hardheaded ground. You’ll be feeling the most painful part: the dying part (when your bones will be cracked down and your brain will explode into pieces). It’s like looking at your enormous, rich, gorgeous and put-profit house burning into ashes. Do you think your friends are real friends? Do you consider them true ones? You better classify them.

In order to be a true (more than good) friend, you must be able to know the true personality of your peer. You must also influence him with good values, which he will cherish forever. You will respect whatever his decisions are. You will trust him in whatever explanations he says. You will help him in solving his problems by giving advice and support. That’s how things should be in order to prove that you’re a true friend.

In our lives, we encounter a lot of obstacles. These obstacles must be faced and fought to continue living in this world. True friends are there in front of you to guide you to the right path.

In any relationship that we choose, ups and downs are to be faced. Any achievement made has a failure counterpart. When you have friends, all of you will experience happy moments and sad ones. Misunderstandings are part of those sad ones. We can’t get away from it. Therefore, we must think of something to solve it immediately. We should not put the pains in our heart and lock it in a long time. We must do something to end the mutiny. Asking forgiveness and forgiving are two simple but effective ways in healing broken friendships. We must think of “positive affirmations” to be able to put together again the lost treasures which money can never buy.

Friends are like water; it’s precious and it’s about 75% of our body. Here are some classifications of friends compared to the universal solvent: Holy Water (religious), mineral water (rich), distilled water (healthy), purified water (clean) and stagnant water (dirty/problematic/helpless). You could now classify what kind of friend you are. We get hold of our friends like drinking plenty of water, right? So you better keep your friends close because you might get dehydrated!